Open Up Flute Glasses, 20cl - Set of 6

Open Up Flute Glasses, 20cl - Set of 6

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Open Up is a range of glasses with a contemporary and revolutionary design, which provides wine drinkers with an incomparable tasting experience. Suitable for tasting all types of young wine, (“young wine” can be defined as 1-3 years for white wines and 1-5 years for red). The different models in the Open Up range cater for the majority of wine varieties and types produced worldwide.

The Open Up range is made of Kwarx®, a new high-technology material that was invented by Arc International’s Research Centre.

The angled bowl enables exceptional development of the wine’s flavours. When the glass is filled up to the angle and the wine is swirled around the glass, its molecules break up in contact with the sides of the glass, and this enables a young wine to fully release its flavour. When swirled, the wine adheres to the bowl, meaning that there is greater contact between the wine and the glass.

The angle allows you to pour exactly the right amount of wine into your glass.

The large oxygenation area and the closed rims facilitate the concentration of flavours.

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    Great quality

    Posted by David Woodhead on 21st Feb 2018

    Excellent quality glasses, feel sturdy and are a great shape for preventing spillages!

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