Primehide Soft Leather Wash Bag (FLG733)

Primehide Soft Leather Wash Bag

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This Primehide wash bag is made from the finest leathers and materials. The wrinkles, scratches and scars are inherent characteristics and natural beauty of the hide and not  imperfections, it makes each piece unique. The inner compartment is crafted in manmade materials for added strength and durability. The lining is a rich and Primehide brand purple fabric giving the bag a stylish twist.

A sturdy boned zip and deep inner compartment makes it a fantastic gift for a globe trotter to carry all their wash items in or a great bathroom accessory with an additional zipper pocket for all your valuables. The smell of the leather alone is enough to make this product a satisfying purchase.

Approx Dimensions: H 12cm x 30cm

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