Angry Birds Star Wars Soft Plush Toy

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Official Licensed Angry Birds Star Wars Soft Plush Toy

  • Official licensed product
  • Limited edition
  • Soft plush with great detailing
  • Great gift for all ages, including adults!

Choose from the following great characters:


Pigtroopers keep looking for junk food around the universe and deliver it to their ruler Emperor Piglatine. They don’t think for themselves, they merely follow orders and often fail in whatever they are trying to do

Lard Vader

Once a Jedi Bird warrior, now fighting for the pigs!

Chuck “Ham” Solo

Chuck Solo is a famous junk food smuggler; that’s why he’s called “Ham”


C-3PYOLK is a Protocol Droid and interpreter. A Droid of Peace, he is always trying to find diplomatic solutions


Terebacca is Ham Solo’s co-pilot and mechanic. Seems to be emotionless and communicates only by grunting and staring

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker is a committed Rebel and is learning to be a Jedi Bird warrior.

Princess Stella Organa

Princess Stella Organa is one of the leaders of the Bird Republic. She’s stubborn, dramatic and expects everybody to obey her and at the same time she wants to destroy the Pig Empire to free the birds’ home planet

Obi-Wan Kaboomi

Obi-Wan Kaboomi is a Jedi Bird warrior and very proud of his powers, although he can’t always control his explosions

Yoda Bird

No Angry Birds Star Wars collections is complete without Yoda – the Jedi trainer of Luke Skywalker and Grand Master of the Jedi Council!

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